JVC has been hinting about a new high-end consumer front projector for a few months. Today, at IFA in Europe, they announced the DLA-RS4500.

JVC has built a following, both in the home theater enthusiast crowd and professional home theater designers, for their incredible image quality. Their native contrast ratio is the very best in the industry, not to mention their latest batch of projectors being able to handle the DCI P3 color gamut. However, JVC has had to rely on their "4K e-shift" technology, which doesn't provide a true 4K resolution, but displays two 1080p images instead. Additionally, JVC projectors have been powered by traditional UHP lamps, which dim and change color over time, and are expensive to replace.

The new JVC DLA-RS4500 solves both of those problems by incorporating true 4,096 x 2,160 resolution panels and a 20,000-hour laser light source. Our friends over at The Screening Room have the details, so be sure to check it out!